The new scenario brought by the pandemic has reinforced the importance of seeking alternative sources that are more creative and unusual for the future of business and social relationships 

The pandemic has brought changes in the way of life and has significantly impacted the global economy. With this new reality imposed, many people, companies and institutions felt the need to accelerate their transition to the digital world, even more than was necessary before the emergence of the Covid-19. At the same time, some guidances for the future are already being reviewed, especially seeking alternatives for a more sustainable world.

The specialist in trends and founder of Non-Obvious Company, Rohit Bhargava, dedicated himself precisely to this, inspiring less obvious concepts for various sectors of society. For the best-selling author and international speaker, who has already participated in conferences in organizations such as the World Bank, NASA, Intel and LinkedIn, the pandemic has impacted the way we think about the future. “For many, the pandemic has offered a ‘reset momentum’ in business and in career development. The people I have spoken to have found new ways of doing things. They are reevaluating, for example, what types of situations are worthwhile to get on a plane or in a car and travel, and what can be done remotely in an easy and optimized way with virtual technology,” analyzes Bhargava, who believes that this new mindset regarding work will not be restored to what it was prior to the pandemic.

This new scenario reinforces the importance of thinking about less obvious solutions to problems, unusual options that have not been tested before and that can become creative alternatives, especially in the post-pandemic world, which needs many actions geared to sustainability, whether of business, people or of the planet. “We will all need to adapt our habits to choose what is easier, cheaper and, many times, also more toxic. Instead, we may need to choose something that requires a bit more interaction or that may mean we have to spend a bit more. There is some level of personal sacrifice that may be required, and the only way for people to do it willingly is if they believe in an exceptional idea or in a greater purpose. This is always less obvious, but if we can find these moments and tell the stories correctly, we have the chance to make it happen,” concludes the specialist who has confirmed his participation in the 2021 Youth Summit.