In the midst of a large volume of external information, the search for “self-discovery” can be essential in human relationships

Deep into the ‘Age of Information’, in which smartphones and computers interconnect people around the world, knowledge is available to anyone by simply clicking on the screen. In a few seconds, it is possible to have access to data, graphs of various subjects or even events on the other side of the world. In this moment of excess of information, the great challenge is to select what is really relevant, real and useful for our daily needs. Therefore, with the same speed, there has arisen the urgency for the inner knowledge of each individual, which is nothing more than the perception of what can help us in the transformation of each challenge imposed into an opportunity to learn something. 

“For me, the most important act that a human being can have is to begin a journey of  self-knowledge, because everything that we dream more about, like love, happiness,  prosperity and joy is only supported by the truth in our lives if we know who we really are. When we had not yet begun this study, it was as if we were walking in  circles in our life, repeating the same attitudes that lead us to anxiety and, many  times, to depression. We know that not everyone can develop such symptoms, but the reality is that these diseases are growing every minute,” explains the sensei and black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Fernando Belatto, who in recent years has invested in the awakening of consciousness, with the O-DGI method that combines concepts of martial arts, meditation and practices of self-knowledge. 

For Belatto, the recognition of emotions can assist in the way people interact between themselves and even with the reality around them. For young people, this self-discovery can also help guide their purpose of actions. “We need, since an early age, to learn to serve the planet with our gifts and talents, and, with this, prosper in all senses: financial, physical and also emotional. The feelings are messengers of our inner world, our unconsciousness. Only when we understand their deep meanings, we will be able to nurture a life that is more conscious and based on a  defined purpose. With this, the young person of today will be a great entrepreneur tomorrow, who will help the planet in its sustainability and balance,” concludes the specialist, who will be on the first day of the 2021 Youth Summit.